District Presidents are selected to represent FFA members, NY Agricultural Education Students and FFA chapters in their district.

  • Due March 15th online

Description: The FFA Jacket Award was started in 2009 and allows the current New York State Officers to recognize those FFA members who have shown outstanding promise in their future as an FFA member and an advocate for agriculture. If you are interested in sponsoring an FFA jacket, please contact Juleah Tolosky at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Age Range: Any current New York FFA members in grades 7-11. 

Application: The FFA Jacket Award Application is only available online until March 15th.  The application is found here:


Description: The Empire Degree is the highest honor students can receive at the State level. It requires documentation of a student's SAE as well as confirmation that the student has received the Greenhand, and Chapter degrees. If a student wishes to be considered for a State Star, the student should also fill out the Star Battery portion of the application.

Age Range: Grades 11-12.